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Prolong® packaging are extend the post- harvest life of Broccoli during storage and transportation

Benefits of Iceless Broccoli achieved with Prolong®
• Elimination of top-ice in packed broccoli provides several benefits.
• If the ice is frozen to well below 0°C when it is packed onto the broccoli, it can cause freezer burn to the tender broccoli buds. These will subsequently die and turn brown.
• As the ice melts, the water that forms is a preferred environment for bacterial and fungal growths. Prolong® can substantially prevent the development of head or crown rots on broccoli during distribution.
• Water is also a problem when broccoli is unpacked in a retail store. Water spillages are slip hazards to both retail staff and customers.
• Elimination of ice allows cheaper rigid packaging to be used. A simple corrugated board box will remain dry as Prolong® holds the moisture from the broccoli away from the board.
• Ice also occupies space within each box or crate. With the elimination of ice, this space becomes available to hold further broccoli, allowing greater load weights to be transported.
• Together with the elimination of the cost of ice, these various factors can all provide substantial cost savings in the packaging and transport of broccoli.

Performance of Prolong® with Broccoli;
• Storage & Shipment Time: Up to 21 Days at 0°C/32F
• Shelf life: 4 days at 10°C/50F

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